What is TheraWand®?


The TheraWand is the physical therapist’s first choice for treating pelvic floor dysfunction, irregularities and pain with myofasical (trigger point) release and massage. The TheraWand has been specifically designed by leading pelvic therapists to address adhesions, soft-tissue restrictions and tight muscles. Pelvic therapy treatments using the TheraWand can include but are not limited to Chronic Pelvic Pain (Syndrome), Sexual Pain, Painful Scar Tissue, Vaginismus, Anismus, Prostatitis, Prostate Massage, Tight Vaginal Opening, Anorgasmia. Use of the TheraWand in the clinic or at home is a key component in a multi-faceted approach to relieving symptoms. While empowering the sufferer to participate in the management and outcome of their pelvic therapy, thus reducing the number of office visits.


Our patented wands are made from FDA approved medical-grade acrylic and manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards. Each wand is inspected for defect free craftsmanship. (Made in the USA)

Essential TheraWand®

Essential TheraWand


The Essential TheraWand is 7/8″ diameter. It’s elongated ‘handle’ end allows easy handling. The gentle tapered end allows for easy insertion while providing control of exact amount and location of pressure applied. Each wand purchased includes a male/female instruction sheet, informational pamphlet and comes in a beautiful royal blue carrying pouch. Discreet packaging.

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Premium TheraWand®

Premium TheraWand

The Premium TheraWand’s diameter is 5/8″. The gentle tapered end and thinner diameter may make anal or vaginal insertion more comfortable in certain instances. The end with the 3 balls can be used as a handle or for insertion. Each wand purchased includes a male/female instruction sheet, informational pamphlet and comes in a beautiful royal blue carrying pouch. Discrete packaging.

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I received the Therawands and must tell you that they are great! I have not seen any other product that allows for the leverage that they do in accessing the internal muscles of the pelvis, in particular the obturator internus and even the attachments of the piriformis on the anterior surface of the sacrum. I noticed a difference immediately after using it. Thanks again for creating such a needed device!

Timothy A. Juliano, RN

I just want to say thank you to Liz at Therawand for her fantastic customer service. Liz has always replied quickly to any questions I have and has been really helpful. I would happily recommend this company and its product. Many thanks for your help.

Heather Coppard, Manchester UK

Perhaps you could remind Debra that us men can be sufferers too, and that the TheraWand is non gender specific. One in five women experience some form of pelvic pain during their lifetime, with onset as early as 12 or 13 years of age. For us blokes the figure is approx one in twelve and on set is much later in life, however if you factor in the reluctance of the male species to seek medical help, this ratio seems to me to be understated somewhat.

Carl Giardinazzo
Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

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